She may be a fine actress, but over the past few years Gwyneth Paltrow has been very explicit (maybe too explicit) about sharing her views on health, skincare and wellness. And, well, she’s not a doctor, is not a researcher, never conducted a study, never published a study in a medical journal, has no medical credentials, no clinical experience…do we need to go on? In fact, she’s so unqualified to talk about these topics that Timothy Caulfield wrote a book about it: Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong about Everything? He is a professor in the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta, with more than 300 academic articles published. These covered stem cell research, genetics, preventing chronic disease, obesity and other topics. Moreover, we fact-checked the actress’s claims and recommendations with the research team from Adore Organic Innovation, all of them skin care and medical specialists.

So what is Gwynnie so wrong about, exactly? A lot of things, as it turns out:

  1. Bras cause breast cancer. [WRONG]
  2. Detoxing the body is necessary. [WRONG]
  3. Spot reduction works. [WRONG]
  4. Vaginal steaming is good. [WRONG + POTENTIALLY HARMFUL]
  5. Be nice to water for more positive effects. [WRONG]
  6. You can live on a $29 a week food budget. [WRONG, she gave it up after 4 days, by the way]
  7. Cupping draws out toxins. [WRONG]
  8. Elimination diets help. [WRONG unless you have a specific sensitivity and a doctor, not an actress, supervises you]
  9. Bee stings are good for you. [WRONG]
  10. Your colon needs cleaning. [WRONG]


Seeing the pattern yet?